The Daily Zach

I recently finished Scott Pilgrim Volume One Color Edition and consider me pleased as punch. I am an avid fan of the Scott Pilgrim series as well as the motion picture, and ever since hearing of the Color Edition almost a year ago I have been crazy anxious in anticipation. It was so worth the wait.

The pages are beautiful and the larger scale really let’s you take in every detail. This is my third time reading volume one, and it is my favorite read through yet. I found myself taking longer than ever to go from page to page as I was seeing the art in a whole new light. As well as still being continually enamored by one of the quirkiest, adorable, and insightful stories I have ever been able to take in through my eyeballs.

And the bonus notes at the end from Bryan Lee O’mally are fantastic! Not just mere throw aways, but amazing early looks and insight into his creative process and inspirations. Totally fascinating for any fan.

Scott Pilgrim Volume One Color Edition is a fantastic excuse to re-read the book, and is a great jumping in point for those that haven’t had a chance to experience this world yet. This book is superior in every way to the original. Get it!